Whilst the iron is hot

I decided, that yesterday was the day to really set the tone on this ride I have in planning. To that end, I booked flights to La Paz, Mexico. One way!

The date is set. Now I just have to get to a point where I can do as much justice as I want too. 

I’ve been hitting up various charities, companies and Instagrammers to get some help spreading the word. I’ve been blown away by the response on Instagram. More help and support comes in nearly daily. 

The rest on the other hand has been super disappointing so far. Even the charity I want to work with in the UK is not getting back to me. So there is nothing else to be done. Double down and keep pushing.

I’ve got this mentality when I’m on my bike. There is quite often nothing to do but pedal. And that has spread pretty far into my life. So I’ll keep on keeping on knocking on doors and sending requests and emails. 

I can have a big voice when I want to be heard! 

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