Group cycling 

I’ve been out training recently. Not for the up coming ride, however it’ll all be good eventually. No, for a ride I have coming up later in the year. The 20th of October to be presise. That’s the day of the Rapha Prestige Ride. A 190ish group ride with 50 teams of 4. You start together, you end together!

Now ive got one of my team members here with me in Mallorca. The other two, a husband and wife team of power. So Ben and I have been out killing some kilometres. And I’ve really really been enjoying riding with someone else. It’s a very different and perhaps a little more rewarding doling these kinds of things with others. There is a motivation that comes from these rides. Not exactly that it’s from others but thats how it feels. It seems to be a little more subtle than that. It’s kinda like you are doing a little better because they are a little better. It’s very interesting as a feeling. There is the want to push just a little harder than you would if you were in your own. That some one else is suffering just the same as you are. 

There is also the social side, you stop for a coffee or have a breakdown. Then right there next to you are a few mates ready and willing to lend a helping hand! Also maybe redicule you as to how fast your tyre changes are! 

In the end it comes down to the camradry that is brought on by being in the company of others. The modern world has sadly stripped away the kinship and group dynamics we used to share. We can find a little of that when you cycle with people. Somehow life is cleaned of the Vail that shadows us from one another. Our abilities, strengths and weaknesses are laid bare for all to see. Perhaps, on that there is the genuine you, with all your issues removed. With just the road in front of you to judge who you are. 

I’d suggest it to anyone, out with the right crew your ride is just better. So I suppose we can say the same about life. And maybe thats why cycling works the way it does. Clutching moments of family and brother/sister hood. 

Get out with a group near you. Try it out. 

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