Are you doing better than you think you are?

So, I’ve spent all day on the computer.

Editing and mixing a new podcast I am making with a friend of mine, and trying to find decently priced travel insurance for the trip. Plus trying to figure out how to do as much good possible on this ride. Trying to line up a few bike shops to speak in whilst I’m in  the USA and Canada.

Didn’t get out riding, walked the dog a few times as I am dog sitting currently. I’ve also had a clean out of my old internet bookmarks on my computer. You see I actually very rarely use it nowadays. In all honesty I mostly use my phone, which has pretty much the ability to do everything I need. As I was looking through them I spotted this one from Thought catalog.

Now its been a while since I read this one, but it stands the test of a few years. Really well written by Brianna Wiest.

I wanted to share it with you and want to make sure that I’m super up front with not stealing anyone’s work.

It’s really good and some of them are really fitting. It can be far to simple to not see the ways in which we have it good in life.


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